About Me


One of my earliest memories is laying in my bed as a child, burying myself between my bears, dogs, cats; lulled to sleep by the rise and fall of my mother’s voice as she read the adventures of Laura Ingalls or Flicka. Soon I graduated to hiding under the covers, flashlight and book in hand; stealing whatever moments I could to disappear into worlds far and near.

We all had those moments when younger.  Feeding our hungry minds and whetting wanderlust.  In the pages of our youth we discovered new worlds, cultivated our passions and identified ourselves.  Somewhere along the way we grew up.  The exotic lands of fantasy set aside in favor of deadlines; infinite possibilities lost in seas of skepticism.  Newspapers in favor of novels, television in place of imagination.

I preach to my child that books are the doorways to freedom.  Yet it is all too easy to play the hypocrite then it is to follow through sometimes. 2 years ago I attempted to finish the infamous 30 before 30 list.  After a harried year of frenzied reading, I fell short of my goal – yet finished more than half.

Reading shouldn’t be something on a time-table, not a pressured occurrence.  It’s the cultivation and nourishment of a life long devotion.  That in mind I chose a new list.  One that places no hypothetical timeline on the reader; a list from which I previously haven’t read many and rather allows me room to breathe & grow.

With that being said I journey off to “Brave New World[s],” silencing my inner cynics and believing in the possibilities of all things.  Come along with me; set out on your own exploration or just cheer lyrical prose on.  As always hitchhiker’s are more than welcome.

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. “Hitchhiker’s are more than welcome” Hehee I love that.

    I too was one of those children that read by torchlight when my parents thought that I had gone to bed, I have always loved books for as long as I can remember. You’re right, it’s often important to remember that it’s not a pressured thing, because with a blog it is quite easy for it to become that way!

    Happy blogging and thanks for following. 🙂

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